Anthropogenic Landscape Changes in Abu Qir Bay Northwestern Nile Delta

Anthropogenic Landscape changes in Abu Qir bay

Northwestern Nile Delta

Atef  M. Abdel-Hamid

Sins the Napoleonic campaign over Egypt in 1798, north western portion of Nile delta had been changed dramatically, especially in the hinterland of Abu Qir Bay. The environmental system of Abu Qir Bay consists principally of lagoons, sand bars, sprits, vegetated dunes, river estuary and wetlands. With the overpopulation change of Nile delta, human-induced changes have covered many aspects like land-reclamation, fish-farming, urban expansion and international & regional highways.

The current study detects the extend and limit of these changes since the oldest map available (1801, by Napoleon Army) till 2010 satellite images. Sequence of field trips through 2008 and 2010 have assured the results and sustain the data check techniques. A series of maps has been produced to delineate the land use/land cover changes along the last two centures.

Keywords: Nile Delta, Egypt, Wetlands, Dunes, Land-reclamation.

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