Daily temperature changes and variability in ENSEMBLES regional models predictions: Evaluation and intercomparison for the Ebro Valley (NE Iberia)

2020-04-26T00:32:33+02:00 أبحاث أكاديمية|

Anomalously severe cold nights and warm days in northeastern Spain: their spatial variability, driving forces and future projections

2020-04-26T00:32:44+02:00 أبحاث أكاديمية|

An assessment of the role of homogenization protocol in the performance of daily temperature series and trends: application to northeastern Spain

2020-04-26T00:33:21+02:00 أبحاث أكاديمية|

Evaluation of the TMPA-3B42 precipitation product using a high-density rain gauge network over complex terrain in northeastern Iberia

2020-04-26T00:33:29+02:00 أبحاث أكاديمية|